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Excalibur Hydra PTO

* Machines are constantly being updated and may vary from picture

Our Excalibur Hydra pool plaster pump truck comes equipped with the Excalibur standard Automatic Self-Compensating “Smart System” which automatically adjusts hydraulic oil flow to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear.  A high-efficiency oil system is used to power the hydraulics and reduce maintenance costs. 

With a completely hydraulic system, the equipment maintains maximum horsepower throughout various RPM levels giving you the ability to pump and mix even the toughest materials.  Our proven and reliable pool plaster pump works great for pool plaster, plaster, and fireproofing materials. 

The Excalibur Hydra pool plaster pump truck has a fingertip speed control for both pump and the mixer located on the deck over an infinite operating range.

No more manual changing of gears as speed change is as simple as a turn of the dial.

With the reduced space used by the hydraulic system, the Excalibur Hydra pool plaster pump boasts a 15 cubic-feet hopper for an uninterrupted flow of material to the nozzle.  The flow is over 66% larger than a standard pool plaster spray rig hopper.  With the increased hopper size, a full spout Powermix 1010 mixer, with a right-hand dump, is utilized to eliminate splash and reduce job site cleanup.

Excalibur Hydra PTO

Compressor Included
Pressure Compensating Hydraulics
Hopper Capacity 19 cu. ft. (142 gallons)
Mixer Powermix 1010
Engine PTO Driven
Infinite Speed Control
Zerk Grease Station



Water Tank w/ Quick Fill

Machine Warranty

We are the manufacturer of the Excalibur Hydra PTO, so we know your Spray Force machine inside and out. We also know the quality and care that goes into every piece of equipment that we produce. That makes it easy for us to offer a warranty on every machine we create.

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