Completely Hydraulic System

Spray Force is the only manufacturer to offer a completely hydraulic reciprocating piston pump system, (the Excalibur Hydra) and the most advanced Hydraulic technology for (the Hurricane Series) Drywall Rigs. Hydraulic power is easier to use, safer to use, has much more flexible requirements, and is more economical to operate than a standard gear-driven system.

10 Reasons To Start Using Hydraulic Power

1. No complicated systems of gears, cams, and levers.
2. Motion can be transmitted without slack.
3. Fluids used are not subject to breakage and the mechanisms are not subjected to great wear.
4. Fluid can be conveniently located at widely separated points.
5. Hydraulic forces can be conveyed up and down or around corners without loss in efficiency or complicated mechanisms.
6. Very large forces can be controlled by much smaller ones and can be transmitted through small lines.
7. Provides smooth, flexible, uniform action without vibration.
8. In case of an overload, an automatic release of pressure happens so that the system is protected against breakdown or strain.
9. Need for control by hand is minimized.
10. Hydraulic power systems are more economical to operate.

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